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    I inherited some Pre3 with webos 2.2.4 and this device contained a number of nice patches alreday.
    The whole data and the webos/palm profile was erased and then I created a new webos profile for that device and I'm able to run the device pretty much ok.
    Also the patches still seem to active as they had been installed before but some one else.
    BUT - I have no list of the installed patches and their versions. And so I can not deinstall some and even I can not install newer / other patches that I miss on that device.

    1. How can I reconstruct a list of all installed patches ?
    2. Or how can I wipe out all installed patches (without doctoring) - and perhaps leave in the few registered patches that I already installed on top the other patches?
    3. What else would you recommend to come to a clean state (and to prohibit such mess in the beginning) ?

    Thanks, Martin
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    I'd say that when passing on a device, all modifications should be removed or setup for the new user. It's a shame the seller didn't do this for you.

    I think all patches create a file marked .orig which is the original version. You could search the file system for that marker. I've no idea if that could simply be installed over the patch to restore or if it would be more complicated. Someone more expert will have to answer.

    If there are many patches, it may be that doctoring is the quickest and surest method...
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    I believe the Emergency Patch Recovery Tool will do that...
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    Most secure way to reset everything to normal is to use the doctor. That will just replace everything in the root partition.

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