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    What you have here is a normal "Mojo" WebOS app. Not a WebOS game.

    The "Normal" webOS apps are written under the WebOS Mojo Software Developer Kit (SDK) and utilize some very specific and closed libraries not available on Maemo.

    WebOS games, however, are written with the WebOS Native Developer Kit (NDK) and utilize only open GLES protocols and libraries to execute on the WebOS hardware.

    Since the N900 shares almost all of the same GPU hardware as the WebOS phones and both run true linux (unlike Android), we are able to use a lightweight application like PreEnv to bridge the small remaining gap in our phone environments to allow us to run the WebOS games natively.

    Long story short: We can run WebOS games or apps written under their NDK, but we have no chance of running Mojo apps written under their SDK.
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    "Can I run webOS apps on an nn900?"
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    I wish I could write the next bit as an answer, but is it possible to enable Enyo on Meego? If so, you could run Enyo apps at least. Unlike Mojo, that is all open I think.

    It might even be possible to use the PDK to port iOS games to webOS, then to Meego...

    ...and from Meegoo to Sailfish, do you think it's possible some apps could be shared across platforms?

    Or is it more about hardware similarity than OS?
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