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    After the LG WebOS Smart TVs launch success with 1.1 million plus TVs sold worldwide, LG is projecting an upgrade version of WebOS for 2015.

    LG plans to give the platform a different name to each new version, Mr. Lee said. The current version is called AFRO, named after a hairstyle that was popular in the 1970s.

    "We will also continue to research how the platform can be applied in relation to other consumer electronic devices used in the home," said Senior Vice President Lee In-kyu, who runs the consumer-electronics maker's TV business.

    LG sells roughly 30 million TVs a year, including low-end, traditional models.

    To release an upgraded version of WebOS next year, it will be crucial for LG to manage the current team of WebOS designers and engineers in the U.S. and possibly hire more staff from Silicon Valley, Mr. Lee said.

    LG plans to unveil a version of its WebOS operating system next year that will power all the company's Internet-connected TV sets and could run other home devices.

    WSJ: LG Makes Push for Internet TVs - WSJ
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    Hi, I was searching for webos-related images on Instagram, i've found those funny stickers of bean bird haircuts matched with lg webos tv versions.. enjoy!

    1.0 AFRO
    1.5 BEEHIVE
    2.0 COMBOVER


    What's next for version 3.0? Bean bird with EMO colored hair?
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    New 3d versions from IFA 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by gramophile View Post
    EMO = webOS 4.0?
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    A small arcticle (in Russian) about current LG webOS codenames.
    webOS codenames
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    New firmware for LG TVs 2019 is available on LGE auto-update servers.
    webOS 4.5 codename is Grandcanyon.

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