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    I was playing around with the thought of sync-ing the call-log and messages (SMS, IM) data of webOS phones (maybe IM data of TouchPads too) to some vCal server as vJournal entries. Even a one-way sync would make searching and archiving easier.

    Anyone had tried something like this?

    Is this possible at all?
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    Should be possible I'd say! Garfonso is our resident *DAV expert since he wrote a CalDAV and CardDAV connector :-)

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    Sure it is possible... main work todo:
    1. understand how VTODO entries look and convert the webOS data to VTODO entries
    2. look at the mojotransport sync samples from the framework ( or here but that is a bit crowded )
    3. copy together all the config stuff
    4. implement the sync assistant

    Issue is that the databases you want to have access to are not your own => you'll need to work in the system space and private bus, i.e. start with com.plam.*
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    Recently I stumbled upon the iCalendar RFC and I spent a few minutes to think about the data representation. Here it is what I've come up with.

    Needed data:
    Call Log Information:
    - call date/time
    - call type: Outgoing/Incoming/Missed/Rejected
    - local phone number
    - remote phone number
    - call duration
    - (local contact)
    - (remote contact)
    - ((comment))

    Message Log information:
    - message date/time
    - message type: Outgoing/Incoming
    - local account
    - remote account
    - message content
    - (local contact)
    - (remote contact)
    - ((comment))

    Aggregated information with the possible VJOURNAL property names that could hold these values:
    - event date/time
    --> DTSTART - this is the standard property to indicate the start of an event
    - event type: CALL/MESSAGE
    --> CATEGORIES - this could incorporate the event type as well the event category , like: CALL,MISSED or MESSAGE,INCOMING
    --> CATEGORIES - see above
    - local account: URI: phoneNumber/IMaccount
    --> ORGANIZER - the organizer for a calendar component, the natural choice for the local part
    --> (ATTENDEE) - as a last chance this could be used (together with participation role CHAIR) for the local account
    - remote account: URI: phoneNumber/IMaccount
    --> ATTENDEE - an attendee within a calendar component, the natural choice for the remote part
    --> (CONTACT) - possibly this could be used as well, but it is less logical
    - duration (only for CALL)
    --> X-DURATION - the only extra property needed (actually there is a DURATION property, but it is not permitted by the RFC for the VJOURNAL component)
    - message content (only for MESSAGE)
    --> DESCRIPTION - the body of a message
    --> SUMMARY - possibly an excerpt or the start/first line of the message
    - (local contact)
    --> ATTENDEE - more information about the local contact could be stored with proper participation role
    - (remote contact)
    --> ATTENDEE - more information about the local contact could be stored with proper participation role
    - ((comment))
    --> COMMENT - maybe once there will be a feature to store comments to call-log entries (I suppose some people would love the idea to store some comments together with the call log)

    As I've seen the iCal format enables the storage of detailed information in one property (like name and phone-number in ORGANIZER/ATTENDEE), so the local/remote contact could be unnecessary.

    As the C+DAV connector is maturing quite fast, I suppose based on that code this could be achieved sometime in the future.
    Currently I do not have the time/resources to implement anything of this, I was just trying to help with some information.

    Please comment/correct me as you wish.
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