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    Hi guys,

    I've been a palm user for 12 years and originally hated webOS for what I lost from palmos!

    I eventually switched to IOS and then android... And wasn't happy with either. After RMA'ing SGS4 3 times and still having more broken, I dug out my old Centro, reformatted and got it working like my T650. Then I put the touchstone circuit in it. One day at work, one of the leads came off the solder pad and I lost wireless charging. Using a pre to charge Centro batteries, I put the circuit back in the pre and put the pre back into service.

    I must say I am amazed at how well webOS worked. I went and got a pre3. I think for me, 6 years ago it was too radical of a change from palmos.

    I am looking for books for programming webOS as well as low level coding... Support for the ndk ?

    I'd like to take a stab at getting classic running on the pre3 and writing an mvoice like app.

    Where can I go to find good tutorials/books/info? Most of palm/HP's stuff is riddled with 504/404's!

    I found my developer account still works with them, but getting started through them now is like chasing clouds!

    Please help! SOS!

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    You might start with the webOS Internals wiki page for a general introduction and some resource links.
    Main Page - WebOS Internals
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    I've had pretty good success on Palm/HP's documentation website, so I'm surprised to hear that. Lately I do tend to do a google search first, and many of the links will be to the Palm documentation. Much of that gets installed with the SDK anyway. There is a lot of good stuff buried on the Palm developer forums, but a Google search is the best way to find it, as they have been buried in spam and the search function really sucks there anyway.

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    links in the status report.

    you may have to brush away cobwebs & blow off the dust...
  5. #5 still is the place to go, especially for service API description and so on... some of this was copied over to openwebos page.

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