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    So I have been building an Enyo app for work and it got me thinking. Would there be a way to create a panel arranger that turned panels into webOS style cards? Building on that idea, I wonder if there would be a way to basically create webOS (well, Luna really) in an Enyo app?

    There would need to be a way to deactivate all panels to go into 'card' mode. This would allow scrolling through cards and selecting one. When activated the animation could bring it to full screen.

    Once this is done, prepackaged Enyo apps could be downloaded using the FileSystem API. When an app is launched all that would need to happen is have a new panel component created with the kind set to that of the new app.

    A FittableRowsLayout could be used to hold the card arranger so toolbars could be added to the top and bottom for a launcher and maybe even notifications.

    It seems that the biggest problem with webOS is the dated WebKit engine. But if the whole thing is built into an Enyo app, it could always take advantage of the newest technologies and run on any platform.

    There would be limitations, like no PDK apps, athough I suppose Mojo apps or just about any HTML5 app could be bundled up to work though.

    Any thoughts on this? Am I just going to be asking too much from a regular web browser? Any failed attempts at something similar?
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    I have a feeling it might have been done - maybe not as Enyo, but I think someone put Open webOS on a web page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choorp View Post
    Definitely possible.
    That is really cool! Care to give any details about what I am seeing? Is it actually a self-contained app, or just a webOS themed Android?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zane9000 View Post
    That is really cool! Care to give any details about what I am seeing? Is it actually a self-contained app, or just a webOS themed Android?
    pretty sure that's a web page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choorp View Post
    It's pretty much exactly what you described in your first post; an Enyo app that replicates webOS. The main difference is that my other Enyo app, Dash Weather, isn't "installed" but running from my website instead.

    This only really got to the proof-of-concept stage before I went on to something else. It's very basic and performance wasn't too great. Cards work and animate as expected though! I'll post some more screenshots later tonight or in the morning.
    Awesome! Would you be willing to share the code? I am at least interested in how you did the card arranger. When was the last time you worked on it?
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