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    can I prevent Javascript from stopping, when the display on webos devices goes to sleep? It nicely resumes, when I turn on the display again, but I need it running all the time the website is open? I am using a simple webpage with jsjsjs $in$ $it$, $not$ $an$ $app$ $or$ $framework$.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Is this on a Touchpad or phone? I don't recall on the phones, but on the Touchpad, an early OS update specifically disabled background javascript.
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    Hi. Thanks for your answer.

    I am working on a tracker website that sends my position to a server where it can be read by authorized people. Everything works just fine, but it's worthless, if it stops running when the device (a Veer in this case) is in my pocket an the display is off.

    EDIT: Found Nodoze. I am happy with it, although it is not elegant.
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