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    I was thinking how I really enjoy my pre2 and how if it wasn't for Sconix GMMan, and 60RH I probly wouldn't enjoy email as much. I started thinking of some of patches,and wonderful apps like freetether and screen off to name a few that I have come to rely on and cant seem to live without them.

    So I have this idea if we can just say thanks to all the studs who did so much while there is still a chance that they still visit the forums. There are plenty of patches that I cant recall who made them without looking it up

    Here is is a partial list off the top of my head and in no particular order. Anyone interested can add to the list:

    Jason, Rod, sconix, chroop,JC-treo, Herrie,Franz Rhmland, xanthinealkaloid, metaview, xwtweak, Ryan Hope,Eric Gaudet, gobanjoboy, ccvb
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    Oh hey don't forget frantid (for continous ubercal support) and 72ka for google maps (now continued support again) and amoralico for mojowhatsup. Without those standard apps webOS would have lost many more users.
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    Here's a few more: ShiftyAxel (Wifi File Sharing), Somline (Dr Battery), Othello Ventures (FeedSpider), Martin Schröder (pReader).

    Great thread! There are interviews with developers on pivotCE & we plan to feature your favourite apps too.
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    +1 A big thanks to all that have made our webOS experience better!
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