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    I wanted to use NDrive to get audio only guidance when I use my bike. For instance, if you use a bluetooth headset (such as Sony Ericsson MW600), you just setup NDrive, put your WebOS phone in your pocket and ride to the destination following NDrive audio guidance order. But here is the problem : If you turn off the screen with the power button, NDrive goes idle and stops the guidance. If you let the screen ON, it is touch sensitive, so having it in your pocket is likely to trigger unexpected commands and stop the navigation, not to mention the extensive battery usage of keeping the screen ON. So I wanted to use the proximity sensor to act just it does when you are making a call. You turn on the proximity function before putting the phone in your pocket, Ndrive keeps alive but the screen is dark and not sensitive to touch. Then when you're done, you deactivate proximity sensor function.

    I wanted to do it very quickly so I just patched the phone app to add a "Toggle proximity sensor option" to avoid having to add a dedicated app to do that. But maybe a better Idea would be to add an option to Nodoze app or something like that ?

    I attach the phone app patch for WebOS 2.2.4, I tested it on a Veer.

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    Nice work. Too bad for me ndrive keeps closing itself. Thanks for sharing with the community
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    Mine also keeps closing itself, sometimes. No reason I can find...
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    Are you having these problems with the 11.3 beta version ?
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    The version have is 11.3.3387. Sucks pretty bad that I bought the maps and now it's un usable.

    It did work once when I first tested it tho

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