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    Hi All,

    OK I know they are kind of lame but I had put together a simple sound board application in Google app inventor for one of the interns at work. (They loved Charlie the Unicorn)

    I have ported it over, about 70% to webOS, the ipk is here:

    on the Google App-Inventor I was able to do additional screens with the other sounds so you didn't have to scroll through them, is that possible in webOS?

    It is my first foray in to app creation so be kind lol


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    Hi All,

    can anyone tell me how to create a new screen for extra content?

    I also noticed after leaving the app open that it drained my battery over a number of hours by about 50% so something is still taking up CPU cycles it would appear, how to trouble shoot this kind of behavior?


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    After thinking about it, (I'm a novice at this like you), I would try adding another button at the bottom that when clicked opens another scene. Check the Ares Tutorial for some help with opening new scenes (In the Flickr app tutorial, near the end).
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