So many of you probably saw my previous thread here and may or may not have subscribed to it.

When I originally started trying to get this on WebOS, lack of significant figures in the community was the key to not getting very far. Since then I have hunted down dtzWill and tortured him for information on IRC. Not really /tortured/ but my thought patterns when it comes to programming and weird workarounds can be enough to make your head implode.

Yes. I said implode, not explode. I once wrote an object that was fine in theory, but had ten infinite loops I never knew until 4 years later...hence why it never ran properly nor could I ever debug it. I was young at the time, so I didn't notice them.

Anyway, after finally getting ahold of Will to talk to him about X11 and getting an SDL compatible binary, I quickly realized that it was pretty cool how far I got with Odamex on just a Pixi+ with no computer. I produced an SDL library onboard my Pixi with aalib support but never got the chance to run it, I forget what happened. I think I ran out of space and nuked the build tree. I think I may just for the fun of it, try and get AALib or caca rendering going with Odamex. Just for the "Lulz". Among other things, I produced a working binary with everything but video support, and was able to run it via text mode on the Pixi, including a client connected to a server, and an isolated master server. All seemed to work well besides the obvious.

Now that i'm in a better situation and whatnot, I have the ability to use a PC to xcompile instead of on-board, which is quite nice although I prefer native builds as apposed to cross-compile ones. Just my preference though. #webos-internals have bashed their brains in helping me wrap my head around a few things, but in the end I think Odamex will compile via the WDK and produce a working binary with video output.

Soon I will also be obtaining a Touchpad, and will be my first device above 1.4.5. I plan on aiming for two platforms for Odamex: Legacy and Latest. It is my hope that if it will run and build for 1.4.5 and a Pre+, that it will more than likely build for all the other phones (Except maybe the veer), and if it builds and runs for the Touchpad, it will build and run on open webos also.

So here I am, seeking people interested in bringing this to a more usable state to WebOS, so that we may have client/server doom which supports wad downloading directly from the server, packet compression and predictive netcode, and a slurry of other features that would be ideal for use on a mobile device.

What needs to happen:
  • Odamex has no touchscreen overlay such as Doom and Quake available in Preware do. This must be done in C++ inside the source code. Note this does not mean you cannot play the stock game, you're just going to have a hard time with the mouse-like touchscreen interface that SDL provides.

  • Odamex has not been confirmed to build against the WDK due to me running into curl errors and missing links to required packages last night

  • We have no compatible launcher to run on webos, but Manc who maintains the website will more than likely grant me the source code for his web launcher, and there may be a javascript one available within the source tree. I don't know, I can't recall at the moment. MULTIPLAYER SHOULD FUNCTION CURRENTLY.

  • Device testers. I only have a Pre+ at the moment, my Pixi+ died in a horrible bath of sushi vinegar (Sugary raw fish goodness my tail..) but soon I should have a Touchpad coming my way via snail mail

  • Support. Without any interest in this project, after I build it and release a set of binaries which will just run a stock version of Odamex which should work in theory, there will be no updates if there is no interest. Ran into this issue in the last post, where everyone wanted to view but not say anything so much as 'Interesting...' or 'Looks pretty cool, can't wait'. I thrive on encouragement. Want this to happen? Encourage, it isn't that hard...really.

So there you have it. If you think you can help, be it compiling binaries or setting up packages, please feel free to post here and offer. Hope you guys are interested to see how this pans out like I am. If we,the WebOS users and awesome community, can stand up and produce improvements for this port on the mobile sector, it will pave way to get it working on Android later down the road. Unlike some developers and package maintainers, I will personally maintain the WebOS package for as long as it is supported by the devices it runs on. This means that until it will no longer compile stock for our precious Pre's, it will remain immortal in the package feeds.