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    I'm trying to get system time, calling "palm://com.palm.systemservice/time/getSystemTime" with Ajax, but I'm not getting response.

    Is this even possible?
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    I don't think so. The base PalmService class uses WebOsPalmServiceBridge to make calls, and those calls translate directly into system calls to luna-send. That's actually pretty horrifying if you think about it.

    Edit: That may only apply when the app is running from the emulator in a desktop browser. I can't find the code that connects with native webOS, so I can't be sure what happens. But I'm sure you can't do calls with a URI. The only reason for the prefix is the base Service class is also used for web requests.
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    Thanks for the answer.

    I solved the problem by using palmservicebridge.
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    If you're making an app, use PalmService or its equivalent in Enyo instead of calling a base class.
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