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    I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me filling out my developer program application.

    There are three things I know far too few about

    a) Is the field "Company Name" mainly there for public representation (i. e. it's what's shown next to my app) or will I be required to have a bank account linked to that name?

    b) I see there's a tab called "Tax info". As I didn't get around filling out all the info in the first tab yet, I couldn't take a peek at this one. I'm tax exempt, so I hope there's a way to mirror this?

    c) Will I be able to publish my app to several stores or only the one corresponding with my own location?
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    a) I think it's for the developer field for the Catalog, but I can't tell for sure, because I haven't put any apps up on the catalog. You can hook up a PayPal account, and I don't think they care about the name on it.
    b) Just send them the form and fill in the tax ID number, if you have one, or your social security/ID/whatever you use for tax purposes.
    c) On all countries, judging from the fact that many apps are available on more than one country in the App Catalog. It's not that much of a deal if you do limit to one country, unless it's a paid app, because people can just switch their Catalog country at any time, though your app has to be good enough to be worth the trouble (it's not completely trivial, and I hope no make it more trivial some day).

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