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    Public Ares Link: Ares

    All credits for adjusting the Ares code to launch from a server goes to Brandon from who actually did it.

    Now for the How To (This is only needed if you want to install your own Ares on your own server):
    1. Open an account at
    2. Get Ares from (Don't use the "ZIP" download as is because It's crucial that you get it recursively by: "git clone --recursive") and extract it to your local computer.
    3. add to the main directory a file called "package.json" that contain the following text:
      "name": "Ares",
      "version": "2.0.0",
      "description": "Ares",
      "author": "Enyo guys",
      "main": "ide.jsjsjs&$quot$;,
      &$quot$;$dependencies$&$quot$;: {
        &$quot$;$express$&$quot$;: &$quot$;$2$.$5$.$8$&$quot$;,
        &$quot$;$async$&$quot$;: &$quot$;$0$.$1$.$22$&$quot$;,
        &$quot$;$optimist$&$quot$;: &$quot$;$0$.$3$.$5$&$quot$;,
        &$quot$;$rimraf$&$quot$;: &$quot$;$1$.$0$.$6$&$quot$;,
        &$quot$;$temp$&$quot$;: &$quot$;$0$.$4$.$0$&$quot$;,
        &$quot$;$phonegapbuildapi$&$quot$;: &$quot$;$1$.$0$.$1$&$quot$;
      &$quot$;$engine$&$quot$;: &$quot$;$node$ $0$.$8$.$x$&$quot$;
    4. open the file ide.jsjsjs $from$ $the$ $main$ $directory$ $and$ $Replace$ $the$ $line$
    var port = parseInt(argv.port, 10);
    With the line
    var port = parseInt(process.env.PORT, 10);
    5. go to: and register a new "app". you will get an appKey and an appSecret codes that you need to enter into the file ide.json in your main directory
    6. Delete the directory called "node_modules" from the main directory!
    7. Zip the directory and upload it to your account at Modulus. That's it!

    Known problems:
    1. File system access not working
    2. Dropbox can't access folders or files
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    arrgl just installed on my own laptop - but didn't get that cool template "bootplate 2.1.1" from the video:
    Ares 2 gets a demo webcast all its own [video] | webOS Nation

    Is that included?
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    Bootplate should be separate, as it's basically a template app and not a part of Ares.
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    I added the option to connect to DropBox and the log in process works fine. But there is some problem with the root or home folder path that prevents Ares from accessing the actual files
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    Nice one, a shame that it is not possible to connect your own dropbox account to it and use that file storage for it.

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