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    Hey folks,

    I know, right? It's really the one thing that webOS has been missing! A Numerology App?

    I don't know if there's much interest around here, but I could use a few testers to give me feedback on functionality. It's my first app, written in Enyo 1. There's an Enyo 2 version in progress but it's been easier for me to complete the Enyo 1 version.

    Anyway, PM me if you're willing to play with it a bit and give me some feedback.- I'd really appreciate it!

    - here's a few caps:
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    would like to try it. have phones and TouchPad and i use umlauts if that could be of interest. Enyo on phones has no sym-key support off shelves so perhaps this could be usefull:

    is your app based on a webservice like Wolfram alpha?
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    Thank you! It would be great if it works properly in different languages!

    I'm not experienced enough to know if I could make use of Wolfram alpha. . . You're question has me a little. . . well . . . nevermind.

    I'll send you a link via pm. Thanks again!

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