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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    Given time, will you keep working on navit, too ?
    It is only about my time, I still have the build environment, so I can rebuild current svn Navit for you. But it always need a lot of time to fix all dependencies :/
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    ah, hopss
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    You welcome. Opera desktop (presto) was one of the greatest products that remained unknown to the masses, and got discontinued much like webos.

    I read that microsoft's new browser will have a reading mode, so maybe there is some hope that you will get what you want in an up to date browser
    Thanks for the reading mode tip. I've used the Reader mode built into Safari (Mac and iOS) and Firefox, but the issue I always run into is their Reader modes don't include the comments to articles.

    Hopefully Microsoft's new browser handles this serious limitation better. If you know of any other modern web browsers that include the entire page in their Reader mode, even the comments, please let me know. Thansk!
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    Just a side note to people having trouble with the back lighting going out on the keyboard. Mine stopped working, so I took the back cover off and blew it out with compressed air. Backlighting came back on and has been working ever since. 100psi shop air not the can stuff.

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    wInNeR app has not been working for me lately. Has it been working for anyone else?

    After entering a URL or tapping a bookmark, I can see the icon load for the webpage near the upper left corner, but the main content area is blank.

    I also see briefly an "n/a" appear near the lower right corner where usually the amount of data loaded appears.

    I think wInNeR uses Google's mobile website converter (mobilizer? gwt?) or something like that. I wonder if this needs some kind of Security Certificate? Or if Google recently changed something else?

    I just noticed the following Google link no longer works like it did in the past to mobilize a webpage:
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    Try this in the standard browser:[URL here]

    If WinNer is using this service, it stll exists. Perhaps the API changed or maybe just the access URL? (EDIT: Looking back on this thread, I see that the app is already using the URL above)

    I know the developer has limited internet access and has recently started a family, so may not have time to fix this soon. But if the information is correct, it seems a fix might be possible, perhaps even simple if anyone else wants to try. According to the description in the app gallery, this app is written in Enyo 2.5 and last updated about 14 months ago.
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