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    My netbook has an app to limit the charge of the battery to 80%.

    It's usually either plugged in at home or I can find power where I am. The idea is to prolong the battery life. Apparently a part charged battery has a longer life than one that's always fully charged.

    If I'm going to be mobile without access to power for a significant length of time, I simply switch off the setting and charge up to 100%

    Now, it's a bit different with a phone, but I think a lot of people spend most of their days at home or the office - perhaps with charging available, so if the battery dies before the end of the day, it can simply be topped up.

    I've just finished conditioning my new Mugen battery and I wonder if a patch or app to limit the maximum charge would be an idea. I suppose my questions are:

    1. Does such a thing already exist? I have Dr Battery, but unless I've missed something, it's mainly informational with an option for calibration.

    2. Could such a thing be made? I'm ignorant of programming or patching, but it might be as simple as changing a configuration value - I'm assuming the charging circuit shuts off at 100%. A simple app or patch could enable toggling to 80%

    3. Is there any reason why this is a dumb idea? Other than obviously being out and about unexpectedly with a part charged battery.

    A charge limiter wouldn't be for everyone, but I guess we're all trying to preserve webOS and that currently means legacy hardware. Battery life could be part of this for those who simply commute to work...

    I could try to do this myself if it's simple & someone tells me where the relevant file is...
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    Power management sounds like something that's done at kernel level, so you'll either have to write a shellscript for that or build a custom kernel. I don't know for sure, but stuff like this is definitely lower level OS prcesses, and not JavaScript

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