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    i am running a script directly from terminal when i get a phone call,
    i was wondering if there is an automatic way to run any script on event, such as when answering
    a call?
    i am using a pre3, i am no developer but will try to understand.
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    out of curiosity, what does your script do?
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    You could try converting it into a Palm service and subscribe to the incoming call event.
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    here's the script, i got it from here

    arecord -D hw:0,0 -f S16_LE -d 90 /media/internal/rec.bin

    GMMan, interesting, i will do a research and see how can i achieve this,
    can it be mapped to the answer button, onClick onDrag?
    (sorry i am approaching this from the little i know in actionscript)

    2 issues remaining with the script that i will leave them for other threads
    incremental file naming
    and dynamic timing to match the call timing
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    Mojo supports running command line programs, though it's limited to Palm apps only and in certain circumstances (I haven't researched the extent it's allowed). Try looking around for services that do this, like the backup service. There's also a media capture service, though I'm not sure if it records calls.

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