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    There have been a couple of similar threads on this subject in the past, but I thought that I would see if there was any new interest.

    It would be handy to be able to use our webOS devices as Bluetooth keyboards for remote access to say a media PC using the webOS keyboard in conjunction with some extra onscreen keys/buttons for such things as cursor keys, ESC, Pg Up, Pg Down etc and maybe a section of the screen as a Trackpad. The webOS device could simply provide the output expected of a Bluetooth keyboard allowing it to be easily connected to any device which can accept a Bluetooth keyboard.

    Maybe henschkowski's Bluetooth Presenter ( bluetooth-presenter | webOS Nation ) sender software (Public Domain) would provide a starting point. There is also an Android GPL application androhid - Bluetooth HID implementation for android which may provide some help

    It is a bit beyond me, but hopefully somebody will be interested.
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