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    I was wondering if it's there's a possibility to keep my old code jsjsjs $code$, $which$ $uses$ $web$ $workers$, $but$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $use$ $it$ $in$ $a$ $touchpad$ $app$, $without$ $having$ $to$ $rewrite$ $everything$. $This$ $could$ $be$ $anyway$, $perhaps$ $a$ $js$ $library$ $or$ $something$. $I$ $found$ $one$ $of$ $those$, $but$ $it$ $didn$'$t$ $work$ $on$ $my$ $touchpad$.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jan Thiemen

    Edit: I don't mean that I want it to be multi threaded, but just being able to use my existing code, as a single threaded app, without having to do a rewrite.
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