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    I am in dire need of the original Tasks app from my Pre 3 and Veer phones. I loved the app and there is no app that works as well. Do I need to program a copy for me to use on my Android phone? It didn't exist on TouchPad, so it looks like the code for Tasks was never released. Does anyone have information on what happened to Tasks and whether one might be able to get the code from HP/Palm? I've prepared a cross-platform Enyo 2 application but would prefer not having to program a copy of Tasks.
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    You could extract it from the webOS Doctor and modify it or use it as a basis for a rewrite ;-)

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    an enyo2 rewrite to this would be very welcome in the hackathon.
    the memo app is already ported - not 1:1 but working

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    hhm there already were screenshots of it, so perhaps somewhere in HP-land in some repository the code sleeps till eternity

    There also was the Exchange support shown, which i really like using on my phones.

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