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    The namespace names used by individual developers on Preware and in the official catalog...

    Like for example, com.palm.nanapps was used by Blubble, com.choorp is Garrett92C, and so on.

    This would be important for the independent app catalog that we are working on right now, and then at the same time i'd rather avoid releasing an app under a name that's already been used by someone else. So it's kind of a priority.

    So far my options are probably to grab Preware feeds and also to write a bot and scan this forum for non-Preware apps, but the HP Catalog would probably be harder to scan unless i figure it out, and if anyone has a tip for me, that would be greatly appreciated...

    I know the HP catalog uses a "packageid" format, so if i look hard enough, it's possible...
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    I don't think you have that high of a chance of running into someone else's namespace. Base it off your website domain (if you have one).

    I don't think you can search for developers by name space. E.g. there are various com.palm.* apps developed by Palm, but only a couple shows up if you tap on "Developer Apps" in the App Catalog, while there are others.

    BTW, I don't have a website, so I use vnd.gmware.
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    I guess no public domain name means no collision

    I suppose that resolves it. So, later on when i have time, i'll just scan everything and make my own database, starting with Preware, and then see if the Catalog app can be patched/modified to dump a search query to file, and then finally spider the forum, starting from every thread with an attachment, and then checking if that thread contains an *.ipk.
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    If you have Impostah, you can get a majority list of apps that are available on the App Catalog for the current device.

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