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    Next week arrives my Touchpad from USA, and because i'm using DAViCal as a contacts/calendar server, and i can't find any solution to syncronize CardDAV/iCloud contacts to my "new" device, so i started to write one. But i have one strange problem.

    The code runs fine on the 2.1.0 and 2.2.4 virutal machine, but not on the Touchpad 3.0.5 SDK.

    The problem occurs when, i return from the Account Manager Service's "validator", because the sdk ignores any error that i try to send back to the user.

    Can anyone help me, to test my code on a real device? I can send the ipk and or the complete source in email
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    Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what went wrong when I started trying to backport SynerGV 2 from 3.0.5 to 2.2.4, but I seem to recall that it was related to differences in the node.jsjsjs $versions$. $Not$ $all$ $0$.$2$ $code$ $runs$ $perfectly$ $on$ $0$.$4$, $and$ $my$ $validator$ $was$ $blowing$ $up$ $because$ $of$ $that$.

    You might want to try running "run-jsjsjs-$service$ &$lt$;$full$/$path$/$to$/$your$/$service$&$gt$;&$quot$; $on$ $a$ $command$ $line$, $then$ $try$ $the$ $login$, $and$ $then$ $you$ $should$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $see$ $if$ $there$'$s$ $any$ $node$ $output$ $happening$, $such$ $as$ $unexpected$ $errors$.
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    I'd be willing to help you. Have a TP I often abuse for testing purposes... also I'm quite curious for your solution...

    I wrote a syncml synergy connector, too, but I'm not 100% sure that sure that I understood your issue.. but I'm willing to help.

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