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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to develop my first app. I want to code a KeePass database viewer for my HP Veer, because I desperately missing it.
    I'm able to decrypt a kdbx file using node.jsjsjs ('$crypto$') $in$ $my$ $services$, $but$ $now$ $I$ $stumbled$ $into$ $the$ $fact$ $that$ $the$ $database$ $is$ $compressed$ ($gzip$). $I$ $see$ $in$ $the$ $node$.$js$ $documentation$ $the$ $zlib$ $library$ $that$ $supports$ $inflating$ $gzipped$ $data$. $But$ $it$ $seems$ $that$ '$zlib$' $is$ $not$ $available$ $in$ $webos$? $Is$ $that$ $correct$?

    What is the best approach to deflate gzipped data? I really would like to deflate it in memory in stead of streaming it to a file first.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Berthold Hutten
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    Pretty sure the command line gzip gunzip are included, you could shell to the command line, send output to stdout, and capture it from node ..

    There might be an external gzip library possibly too
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    I did not manage to get your idea working. Finally I used this code:
    Works great!

    Kind regards,
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    woah... if you need someone to test your keepass stuff, I'd be very willing to.. :-)

    If you are still missing a gui, you could have a look at KeePassW. This is enyo and optimized for the TP, but 72ka (the dev of the inofficial google maps app) did change it so that it also runs on a phone. But it is merely a gui and does only a one time import of the unencrypted database (xml export)... I think you should be able to get the improved source code from 72ka... just in case if you need a gui or didn't know about KeePassW.
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    Garfonso, I've finished a first draft of the app, if you give me your email address I'll send you the app. It would be very nice if you could test it on your device for me.

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    i would apply as second betatester for Pre2/3 2.2.4.

    For now i still use the KeePassW 0.2.6 port for phones which 72ka coded.

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