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    Hi folks,
    webOS newbie here. I have a question related to node.jsjsjs. $WebOS$ $documentation$ $says$ $developers$ $can$ $use$ $third$-$party$ $modules$ $in$ $their$ $service$. $But$ $all$ $the$ $examples$ $I$ $have$ $seen$ $so$ $far$ $use$ $core$ $modules$ $like$ $fs$, $http$, $path$....$etc$. $Is$ $there$ $any$ $service$ $or$ $app$ $that$ $uses$ $third$-$party$ $modules$ ($like$ $express$, $connect$, $socket$-$io$) ??

    If I want to use the module should I create a local node_modules directory or is there a global directory in webOS for all node.jsjsjs $modules$?
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    You would place the module in your service directory, typically under node_modules or some such.

    You probably can't use anything that makes use of native code, only pure javascript modules.

    If you try to use, you'll need to delete the flash module from it, otherwise it will seriously get screwed up when trying to go through the app scanner (if you're trying to put something in the catalog)

    I have a formerly fully functional (although the UI is absolute crap) app/service/synergy connector example at
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