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    I started a similar investigation before finding this thread -- here are my findings:

    I think I'm at the end of my exploration. I successfully swapped in a font that includes the emoji characters, as others have, but they still don't show up. I copied the content of a text message on my Pre into this online unicode lookup tool and found that the original character had been substituted with FFFD (REPLACEMENT CHARACTER) -- meaning the emoji data has been thrown out somewhere.

    This means that a font substitution/expansion alone is not sufficient to solve the problem. As others have noted, we'd need to find out what's responsible for handling the incoming message. UTF-8 does support emoji, so this isn't strictly a decoding problem either. I'll do some more digging in the messaging app to see if I can find code that might be doing string modification -- but its worth noting that the email app does the same thing, so its likely at a OS level that's deeper than my skillset would be able to help with.
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    I *think* the issue is somewhere in LunaSysMgr. I think I commented it in a message previously, but I did enable a flag that is supposed to enable UTF-8 handling. It is possible that something in LunaSysMgr or WebKit is not obeying this. (I know the version of WebKit used at the time was kind of a hodge-podge of stuff. It was from just after the KHTML/KJS -> WebKit/WebCore/JavaScriptCore re-structuring. So it is possible that some data coming from somewhere is not necessarily being passed around right.)

    I did notice that if I watch ls-monitor when I open the messaging app and view a chat I see the emoji in my MacOS terminal. So I *KNOW* the data has been properly stored. It seems that there is an issue somewhere in the luna-bus <-> LunaSysMgr part of things.

    I was writing some code that, like in Project Macaw, would take the unicode data and replace it with images. Of course, for all of the characters that you can see right now I was able to properly replace them (so that we can have color images!), but I have not had time to try to dig further. (This project has a lower priority than some of my others. Like updating OpenSSL.)
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkirker View Post
    This project has a lower priority than some of my others. Like updating OpenSSL
    I 100% agree with your prioritization!
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    Although there's no apparent solution for Emoji's in the Messaging app, I did find a way to show Emojis in the Qupzilla browser. This comes in handy on Instagram and Facebook. They're not color emojis, and you don't get all the latest ones, but you can get a lot of them in black & white text form (see screenshot from font manual) simply by putting a font in your fonts folder:

    - Download Symbola:
    - Copy both files to: /usr/share/fonts/

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