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    good luck on anything you attempt plenty of hungry people here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    Back to the subject of apps, as a client-side web developer i can probably find workarounds for some of the stuff that people complain about as being outdated... the WebKit/HTML5 issues... I'm often knee deep in browser bugs as i work and i never take the specification as gospel... so i have a high tolerance for that stuff... if there's patience, there's an elegant workaround for almost everything...

    So I'd love to bring full Google Image Search and Gmail to the TouchPad, if they don't already exist, now that we have Maps working thanks to 72ka
    Yes! We need developers badly that could bring us that much needed QTWebkit engine for the TouchPad and fix these issues that we have on our devices. Also we need dedicated Google Search application and Gmail as well.....Don't forget that we would like to see (if possible) chat messaging application like Nimbuzz/E-Buddy Pro/Fring that would be cool to see apps again on WebOS (I curse you, always HP )
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    What would a "dedicated google search app" do? And we already have the best email client in mobile, and it's only getting better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    What would a "dedicated google search app" do? And we already have the best email client in mobile, and it's only getting better.
    A dedicated google search app? Everyone has their own ideas on that, but for the Touchpad the most important thing is to have an up-to-date google image search, not the spartan "classic"...

    72ka's Maps app rounds out the maps side, Gmail freezes and doesn't load on the Touchpad so it needs to be built as a dedicated app (with the colored labels, message searching, etc)

    The built-in mail client on v.1 devices like my Pre+ is alright, but the various Gmail features i often use are only available from the web interface...

    Another thing with Google was that the last time i used on my mother's Pre+, they removed all the "cached" links, and messed with the font sizes. Maybe they'll fix it, maybe they won't... they also removed the search box from the bottom of the page.

    I only use Maps, Gmail and Search, but they also offer a dozen other services that some people need, so we'll need to iron out those problems as well....
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    What would a "dedicated google search app" do? And we already have the best email client in mobile, and it's only getting better.
    There is a ton of benefits that a dedicated Google Search App could do on the WebOS platform, specially when you consider the performance of the not-so-good WebOS browser. Well, if you don't or haven't experienced yet "Google search"....let me show you a beautiful video of Google app on the iPad and you try to analyze on how useful it could be on WebOS.

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    These are some comments from this thread:

    >> The OS does still hold a lot of promise, having better UI feel than any of the competition, ... [Remy X]
    >> It would make sense to start developing apps in a market that is small and has huge potential. [SH1 Enterprise]
    >> The market is small, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. [Matt_H]
    >> IMHO, it helps to build your apps in a modular way that would allow one to reuse some code between platforms without wasting much time on rewrites. [Remy X]

    I'd like to make an invitation to the devs out there:

    I use WebOS devices because I believe is the better OS out there, and I spread the gospel getting people to use it. Sure there are some things on the wish list, but when I take a look at iOS or Android, they still feel behind. Someone asked me for help on her iPhone and well, gestures are genius! if you know what I mean.

    I have paid and preware apps on my TP and Pre that are very well done. And its about this comment that I make my invitation:

    >>> I think it's worth doing, to populate the WebOS app store with a fair number of high quality "generic" apps that cover all bases [Remy X]

    Do you know the 80 / 20 rule? There are some things out of our hands or sort of: The hardware, the OS, the marketing, the Apps from the big guys (Netflix e.g.).

    My invitation is to concentrate on those things that are on our hands, and on that 20% that brings 80% of the results, or covers 80% of the reasons one uses the device.

    Do you follow me?

    Netflix might not be on our hands, but the recent LG news might take care of it. But how about high quality Google Reader (or TinyTinyRSS) with full offline access, or a PDF markup, etc. How about improving those apps that are one step away.

    What do you think?

    WebOS-ports or Phoenix might bring us new devices, LunaCE makes the great UI even better, and recent news might help us with the major players apps.

    Would a concentrated, strategized plan for that 20% of webos apps work?
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    @PalmPixi_User23, PERFECT!!

    This is a great example of what needs to be built, for both the phones and the Touchpad. Something that can be recreated from the video and from looking at Google's code in the browser version...

    This would be especially helpful on the Pre+, where sometimes the browser runs out of memory and hoses everything, including back-forward cache. Having google search as a separate app would make it immune to the memory blowout.

    Thanks for the heads-up. Later on i'll make a list of target apps to study and rebuild.

    @getsun, i totally agree with you there. Many great points. We need to ride the wave of LG's interest in the OS and the number of Touchpads sold last year to non-enthusiasts... get the app offerings on par with the other ecosystems and our confidence will translate into something more...
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    If you're an individual developer, don't expect to make enough to live on writing for webOS at this point in time, there's just not enough users left, unless your app has appeal to everyone, which would be a really nice surprise. The fact that there are still people buying my 3 apps still amazes me, as the number of people who have both webOS devices, and the services that my apps depend upon seems as it would be a very small number.. but, there's still some unit sales every month. More than I make from Android and RIM and Chrome combined, consistently. But not enough to live on. Which is why I got a real job

    However, having become a webOS app developer has changed my life for the better many times over now.

    (I was about broke as a joke, and had been for over a year, when I lucked into a couple of TouchPads during the fire sale, and now i make a pretty good living as a mobile systems contractor)
    i could make my own post but it'd basically be this post just worded a bit differently.

    spot on
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    For those waiting for the Google search app for WebOS/Touchpad, i have good news today

    As you all know, the original iPad and the Touchpad both have the same screen size and resolution of 1024768 px, 132 px per inch. And Google has posted some crystal-clear PNG screenshots of the app in their native resolution, which is quite helpful for me when it comes to sampling colors, adjusting font sizes and extracting image sprites.

    The new Google Search app for iPad - Official Google Mobile Blog

    Oh, and if you've bothered to click on the link, you have likely seen the comments, lol. If you haven't, take a look. Watch the Android boys whine about the quality of their own browser and their own google app. LMAO.. Yes, that was a year ago, but it doesn't change the fact that Google thinks iPad users have all the money and the Android userbase is just a bunch of pirates and moochers. Priceless.

    And you know, that, to me reaffirms what we've all said here in this thread. If we bring "million dollar apps" to WebOS, it will do a lot to raise the profile and value of the platform. "If you build it, they will come."

    If we build to the highest standards possible, ordinary users will envy those who still have their WebOS devices, the ease and intuitiveness with which everything is done... we'll have hardware vendors talking about WebOS as an asset to their product lines. And that is the foundation of respect... Even if WebOS devices have the reputation of a "firesale" item due to HP's screw-up...
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    So anyway, things are looking good at this point. The Google API is readily available to anyone willing to deconstruct the JavaScript-driven version of their site. The screenshots are perfect. I'm running Apache on my (1st gen HP Mini) netbook, so i can host the pages and view them in realtime on my Touchpad as i'm making changes.

    I can't promise anything now, but if i'll have the time to dig through the Google API this week, i might have a version up and running, but without the slick video transitions effects. Those will come later, then multi-language support and anything else. If we can get voice recognition working by the time the app is complete, that will be absolutely epic, even if i have no use for it myself.

    Another shiny little Google app that i found by accident is Google Catalog. While it might not be easy for me to find out where the data feeds come from, i might build the UI at some point, for the hell of it. A "status symbol" app for WebOS, if it will ever be built. One that everyone on iOS seems to love....


    Edit: Just watched the video again and at the end it said "". I looked and there it is, everything ripe for picking ..So nevermind what i said about data feeds. This might be a good weekend project at some point.
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