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    hey there, ive noticed on the 2 android tablets i have and the ipad3 that some games/apps are..... well their just flash stuff in app form, so ive looked for a standard swf to use on the touchpad (just as with the old machinarium thread) and alls well, using the 2 main flash playing app solutions we have, all is well there.

    However just to keep things more "app" alike ive tried just making my own personal IPK's out of them to install later on, and again all is well, however they only seem to work when i have the embedded swf stored in /media/internal if i try to load from the app folder in cryptofs them BAM the app either fails or luna restarts sometimes.

    Am i doing something wrong trying to embed the swf from the apps own folder, the html seems to work fine on a pc but self destructs on webOS until i slap the swf in /media/internal.


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    Flash files are not allowed in apps directly, you have to load them either from /media/internal or from a remote url.
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    n1 cheers
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