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    Hi, I'm about to finish my tesis and finally i will have some spare time. And I still have my beloved pre 2 as my phone. There's a lot of apps i'd like to do for my phone since there is almost null suport out there and I'm a very skilled programmer in C, C++, perl, python, and of course almost every webpage related programing lenguaje. So if i could have some pointers to start it will be great.

    I'm looking forward to do both PDK C++ and C apps with high process priority and access to some features like the bluetooth serial port and also i'm looking forward to program some apps in Enyo environment.

    Any documentation, tutorial, examples, encironment software related information will be great. Obviously if i made a good app i'll post it here.

    First I'm looking forward to do some personal related apps, For example a latex interpreter for my e-mails. Something like LaTeXiT,
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    You can start looking at the webOS Developer Center ( for original webOS, Enyo 2.0 site ( for Enyo 2 documentation, and Open webOS site for Open webOS documentation. Read up on the PDK to learn about the PDL, and the Enyo 2 docs when you want to build with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Open webOS isn't at a point where you can effectively develop apps for, but it's worth while to read the docs when it reaches that stage.

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