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    Hello folks,

    since Open Webos 1.0 has been released for two days now, i`m asking myself what`s up with the development of the Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) by openMobile? Are there any works in progress? I read i couple of posts at the forum, that some guys send them e-mails, but nobody from openMobile replied to them.

    Didn`t openMobile told us, that they`re working together with HP at ACL to release it in Q3 2012?! So, where is it?
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    Looks like they're even adding more platforms to throw their demo onto, and they still haven't even released the product for hte first platforms they promised it to--before webOS, even.
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    ACL's promotions remind me of this spoof on TED discussions that created. Just pretend this guy is talking about ACL and their stuff and it's dead on...

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