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    Hi there,

    for 2 years I was using a palm Pre with preware homebrew
    apps, meanwhile it's a Pre+ with WebOs 2.x.x aboard.

    I am quite content, as i use Linux in private as well,
    but lately I installed some patch that prevents my
    device from booting.

    Instead, the (hp) logo displays all the time (for hours),
    but, luckily, I can login using novacom/novaterm.

    I could provide some logs if this helps.

    I hope being able to remove that patch (don't remember
    its name by now) - from the command line?

    Any chance to find a log of lately installed packages?
    I looked in /var/log, but didn't spot the right one.

    Thanks so far,
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    There's a log in /media/internal. All the undo patches are also there in a hidden folder. You just have to find the right one and lsdiff it back.
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    Thanks for the hint.
    tells me, that it must be something different. I remember the last patch, 2 days ago,
    no probs after that.

    Then it must have been any other installation (app?) that had asked for reboot,
    but I said "later" then, and the boot hang occured today after manual reboot.
    (I did so because installing apps from the hp app didn't work any more, after
    hitting the install button, it came back after a second).
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    Maybe do a fs-ck and integcheck? integcheck will verify system files and see if they're corrupt. See the resource link in my signature for the guide on it.
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    Thanks man, you are very supportive.

    I looked further down my file system, is it normal to have a /var of 100% usage?

    Palm Pre:/var/log# du -x . |sort -n |tail
    4 ./reports/efs
    4 ./sa
    8 ./uploadd
    16 ./lost+found
    28 ./rdxd/uploaded
    32 ./reports/librdx
    40 ./reports
    292 ./rdxd/pending
    324 ./rdxd
    2008 .

    -> backup rdxd/pending/*.tgz & delete them. After this I get surprisingly:

    du -x /var |sort -n |tail
    10204 /var/mft/usr/lib/hwtest/ted/images
    11064 /var/palm
    12584 /var/luna/data
    12636 /var/luna
    14320 /var/mft/usr/lib/hwtest/ted
    14324 /var/mft/usr/lib/hwtest
    21656 /var/mft/usr/lib
    28712 /var/mft/usr
    28760 /var/mft
    59324 /var

    df says

    # df |expand
    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root 31728 11756 19972 37% /boot
    452296 417952 34344 92% /
    452296 417952 34344 92% /dev/.static/dev
    tmpfs 2048 208 1840 10% /dev
    63472 63468 4 100% /var
    tmpfs 32768 148 32620 0% /tmp
    tmpfs 16384 36 16348 0% /var/run
    tmpfs 32768 8 32760 0% /var/tmp
    tmpfs 252280 0 252280 0% /media/ram
    142816 27996 114820 20% /var/db
    130528 42000 88528 32% /var/file-cache
    23792 5936 17856 25% /var/log
    14514432 6335360 8179072 44% /media/internal
    cryptofs 14514432 6335360 8179072 44% /media/cryptofs
    tmpfs 32768 148 32620 0% /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

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    Hi there,
    with your help, and with my general Linux experience,
    I found out that /var was 100% full.

    One of the largest folders was /var/mft, I moved it
    to /var/file-cache/ (hoping that this directory is not volatile)
    and created a symlink to the old spot:

    # cp -a /var/mft /var/file-cache/
    # rm -rf /var/mft
    # ln -s /var/mft /var/file-cache/mft /var/mft

    Now, my device boots again!
    I just have to find out how to resize /var up.

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    Cool, it looks like you still have he original factory test photos. You should take a look.and share it with us.
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    Test Photos? What do you mean? Are you talking about my paste snippets from "mount" etc. revealing the original partitioning? Tell me, how I can help you
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    Contents of that folder:
    BD_Cyan_0_255_24bit.bmp  btnchargerP.bmp          btnpass.bmp              coversensor.gif          fkeybr4.gif              headsetbtndown.bmp       keybr4_pixi_umts.gif
    BD_Gray_0_255_24bit.bmp  btndarker.bmp            btnproximity.bmp         deleted.gif              fkeybr4_p.gif            headsetbtnup.bmp         keybr4c.gif
    BD_gradient-h.bmp        btnexit.bmp              btnproximityF.bmp        deviceflat.gif           fkeybr4_pixi_umts.gif    insertheadset.bmp        keybr4c_cp.gif
    attachind.bmp            btnfail.bmp              btnproximityP.bmp        devicehorizontal.gif     fkeybr4c.gif             insertusb.bmp            keybr4c_pixi_umts.gif
    audiorec.bmp             btnflash.bmp             btnrepeat.bmp            devicevertical.gif       fkeybr4c_p.gif           keybr1.gif               keybr4f.gif
    audiostop.bmp            btnflash0.bmp            btnsavefile.bmp          fail.bmp                 fkeybr4c_pixi_umts.gif   keybr1_cp.gif            keybr4f_cp.gif
    bksp.bmp                 btnflash1.bmp            btnscrolldown.bmp        fkeybr1.gif              fkeybr4f.gif             keybr1_pixi_umts.gif     keybr4f_pixi_umts.gif
    btnLED.gif               btnflash2.bmp            btnscrollup.bmp          fkeybr1_p.gif            fkeybr4f_p.gif           keybr1c.gif              lcd_align.bmp
    btnaccelerometer.bmp     btnflash3.bmp            btnshutdown.bmp          fkeybr1_pixi_umts.gif    fkeybr4f_pixi_umts.gif   keybr1c_cp.gif           lcd_black.bmp
    btnaccelerometerF.bmp    btnflashF.bmp            btnsim.bmp               fkeybr1c.gif             gkeybr1.gif              keybr1c_pixi_umts.gif    lcdtest.bmp
    btnaccelerometerP.bmp    btnflashP.bmp            btnsimF.bmp              fkeybr1c_p.gif           gkeybr1_pixi_umts.gif    keybr1f.gif              leftarrow.bmp
    btnaudio.bmp             btnindcharger.bmp        btnsimP.bmp              fkeybr1c_pixi_umts.gif   gkeybr1c.gif             keybr1f_cp.gif           opt.bmp
    btnaudio1.bmp            btnindchargerF.bmp       btnstart.gif             fkeybr1f.gif             gkeybr1c_pixi_umts.gif   keybr1f_pixi_umts.gif    pass.bmp
    btnaudio2.bmp            btnindchargerP.bmp       btntarget.gif            fkeybr1f_p.gif           gkeybr1f.gif             keybr2.gif               powerbtn.bmp
    btnaudio3.bmp            btnkeyb.bmp              btntouch.bmp             fkeybr1f_pixi_umts.gif   gkeybr1f_pixi_umts.gif   keybr2_cp.gif            rdochecked.bmp
    btnaudioF.bmp            btnkeybF.bmp             btntouchF.bmp            fkeybr2.gif              gkeybr2.gif              keybr2_pixi_umts.gif     rdounchecked.bmp
    btnaudioP.bmp            btnkeybP.bmp             btntouchP.bmp            fkeybr2_p.gif            gkeybr2_pixi_umts.gif    keybr2c.gif              redtarget.bmp
    btnauto.bmp              btnlcd.bmp               btnusb.bmp               fkeybr2_pixi_umts.gif    gkeybr2c.gif             keybr2c_cp.gif           removeheadset.bmp
    btnautoF.bmp             btnlcdF.bmp              btnusbF.bmp              fkeybr2c.gif             gkeybr2c_pixi_umts.gif   keybr2c_pixi_umts.gif    removeind.bmp
    btnautoP.bmp             btnlcdP.bmp              btnusbP.bmp              fkeybr2c_p.gif           gkeybr2f.gif             keybr2f.gif              removeusb.bmp
    btnbrighter.bmp          btnlights.bmp            btnvib.bmp               fkeybr2c_pixi_umts.gif   gkeybr2f_pixi_umts.gif   keybr2f_cp.gif           return.bmp
    btnbt.bmp                btnlights0.bmp           btnvib1.bmp              fkeybr2f.gif             gkeybr3.gif              keybr2f_pixi_umts.gif    rightarrow.bmp
    btnbtF.bmp               btnlights1.bmp           btnvib2.bmp              fkeybr2f_p.gif           gkeybr3_pixi_umts.gif    keybr3.gif               ringeroffbtn.bmp
    btnbtP.bmp               btnlights2.bmp           btnvib3.bmp              fkeybr2f_pixi_umts.gif   gkeybr3c.gif             keybr3_cp.gif            ringeronbtn.bmp
    btnbuttons.bmp           btnlights3.bmp           btnvibF.bmp              fkeybr3.gif              gkeybr3c_pixi_umts.gif   keybr3_pixi_umts.gif     shift.bmp
    btnbuttonsF.bmp          btnlightsF.bmp           btnvibP.bmp              fkeybr3_p.gif            gkeybr3f.gif             keybr3c.gif              sliderclosebtn.bmp
    btnbuttonsP.bmp          btnlightsP.bmp           btnwait.bmp              fkeybr3_pixi_umts.gif    gkeybr3f_pixi_umts.gif   keybr3c_cp.gif           slideropenbtn.bmp
    btncamera.bmp            btnlightsensor.bmp       btnwifi.bmp              fkeybr3c.gif             gkeybr4.gif              keybr3c_pixi_umts.gif    unchecked.bmp
    btncameraF.bmp           btnlightsensorF.bmp      btnwifiF.bmp             fkeybr3c_p.gif           gkeybr4_pixi_umts.gif    keybr3f.gif              uncoversensor.gif
    btncameraP.bmp           btnlightsensorP.bmp      btnwifiP.bmp             fkeybr3c_pixi_umts.gif   gkeybr4c.gif             keybr3f_cp.gif           volumedownbtn.bmp
    btnchargebattery.bmp     btnnext.bmp              checked.bmp              fkeybr3f.gif             gkeybr4c_pixi_umts.gif   keybr3f_pixi_umts.gif    volumeupbtn.bmp
    btncharger.bmp           btnnoaudio.bmp           checked.gif              fkeybr3f_p.gif           gkeybr4f.gif             keybr4.gif
    btnchargerF.bmp          btnnovib.bmp             corenavibtn.bmp          fkeybr3f_pixi_umts.gif   gkeybr4f_pixi_umts.gif   keybr4_cp.gif

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