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    Last week I broke my phone and bought a replacement on eBay. It's been a while since I installed PreWare, and I couldn't find current instructions. I tried to follow [1], but I ran into problems. [2] isn't complete, either, but it's a good reference if you want to see screenshots of what I describe here.

    I have a Windows 7 notebook, and I read many comments about how difficult it is to get the driver for the Novacom modem installed. This is required for your desktop to communicate with your phone via USB. I didn't find it to be hard at all. Here's what I did. I hope it helps others.

    1. Download the files you need. Ensure you save them all to the same file folder.
    1.1. Ensure you have the latest Java [3].
    1.2. Visit [4] to get WebOSDoctor for your environment. This was the secret for me. It includes the Novacom driver, and UNI (see below) can install the driver from that .jar file for you.
    1.3. Download WebOS Quick Install (WOSQI) v4.4.0 from [5]. I found that link at [6]. I saw mention of WebOS Quick Install v4.4.1 but couldn't find it anywhere. 4.4.0 worked alright for me.
    1.4. Download the Universal Novacom Installer (UNI) v1.2.1 from [7]. It is explained at [8].

    2. Install UNI.
    2.1. Run UNI.
    2.2. Click the big Install Novacom button.
    2.3. Click Select file... and select the WebOSDoctor .jar.

    3. Prepare your phone.
    3.1. Put it in developer mode by type webos20090606 in the universal search and tapping the "Developer Mode Enabler" icon that appears.
    3.2. Connect your phone to your PC via USB.
    3.3. When prompted by the phone, set it to charge.

    4. Install PreWare.
    4.1. Run WOSQI.
    4.2. There are three buttons: a plus sign, a minus sign, and a globe. Click on the globe. That will download the list of homebrew packages.
    4.3. Enter PreWare in the search box.
    4.4. Click the magnifying glass.
    4.5. Click install.

    After that, I used WOSQI to load up on homebrew apps. But with PreWare now on my phone, I can add more as I need them.

    [1] How To: Install Preware on the Palm Pre (Install Root Required Apps, Themes, Patches, and Tweaks) - TheUnlockrTheUnlockr
    [2] How to install homebrew apps on your TouchPad or webOS smartphone | webOS Nation
    [3] Verify Java Version
    [4] WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
    [7] http://universal-novacom-installer.g...mInstaller.jar
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    Just a general comment about why I'm sticking with Palm PrPrPr&#$275$;. $Even$ $though$ $it$'$s$ $a$ $three$ $year$-$old$ $design$, $and$ $the$ $only$ $hope$ $for$ $webOS$ $is$ $the$ $open$ $source$ $community$, $I$'$m$ $not$ $ready$ $to$ $give$ $it$ $up$. $I$ $have$ $a$ $few$ $reasons$: ($1$) $It$ $works$ $good$ $enough$ $for$ $me$ $and$ $is$ $familiar$. ($2$) $I$ $like$ $the$ $Touchstone$ $charger$. ($3$) $I$ $like$ $FreeTether$. $I$ $expect$ $my$ $next$ $phone$ $will$ $run$ $Android$, $but$ $I$'$m$ $in$ $no$ $hurry$ $to$ $give$ $up$ $on$ $webOS$.
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