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    Quick questions related to this file:

    1. What do the Javascript settings control (OldSpace, YoungSpace, StackSize)?

    2. What do the above settings have to Luna and what affect do they have on Luna?

    3. What's the difference between this and browser-app.conf?
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    i know i quadrupled/more some of the cache/filesize settings in most of those files, no idea if they work but they did no obvious harm.
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    ad 3: one is for Web app (ie Browser), other one is for 3rd part y apps using WebView control
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    Do any of the settings affect the JSJSJS $heap$ $size$, $as$ $viewed$ $in$ $JSTop$? $I$ $noticed$ $on$ $my$ $Pre3$ $that$ $boosting$ $OldSpaceSize$ $stopped$ $it$ $from$ $randomly$ $reseting$ ($I$ $kept$ $getting$ $V8$ $running$ $out$ $of$ $memory$ $and$ $then$ $crashing$) $so$ $I$ $was$ $curious$ $to$ $see$ $if$ $changing$ $those$ $settings$ $affect$ $how$ $Luna$ $manages$ $JS$ $memory$ $usage$. $Sound$ $right$ $or$ $are$ $these$ $settings$ $completely$ $independent$ $of$ $that$?
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