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    Wrote this up for a guy in an email and I have gotten numerous demand on Twitter/Email for it, so we added it to our website:

    Go here to check it out

    It's essentially a getting started guide, not unlike About | Enyo JS, but it's more fundamental, and focuses on folder organization, Enyo syntax. It more-so assumes you know little-to-nothing about object-oriented programming/JavaScript and looks to help kickstart that, although you shouldn't solely rely on this tutorial.

    I feel as though the EnyoJS-About tutorial assumes you already know those things, which isn't bad, but I know for myself especially, getting started was rather rough, as concepts were having a hard time kicking in.
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    Great I been wanting to learn to create apps, but no idea where to start. This is a very easy to use and follow tutorial. Any other links to learning webOS would be welcome.

    Thanks for your tutorial.
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