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    I was wondering if they was any way of making it possible to add
    the functionality of searching for keywords in mails stored on a

    I have seen this functionality on the iphone of a friends. He was
    able to enter keywords and then let the phone search for
    emails containing these keywords in specific fields. These
    emails were not stored on his phone but present in his email
    account. I would love to have this on my Pre3.

    Is this possible at all? Unfortunately I am not familiar with writing
    patches or apps.
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    As far as I know this won't work with the webOS mail client as it only sees what you have on the phone....

    Due to synergy I would think you would have to write this code individually for each type of mail service available to keep the synergy seemless feel.
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    Ok, what a pity. I really would have loved to be able to
    Thanks for the quick answer!

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