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    Is there any API to manage bluetooth device (turn on/off, get state)? contains not enough info,
    i can't get any info about device while it is turned off

    i'm interested in enyo firstly

    please advise
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    I can't help, but curious about what you are attempting to do?
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    The entire Bluetooth API that you have access to is documented on the site. What are you trying to do?
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    i'm using bluetooth GPS device connected to HP TP

    i'm trying to get worked that scenario:
    1. bluetooth is turned off
    2. in app pressed button "turn on bluetooth GPS"
    3. my app is connected to services
    - "com.palm.bluetooth/spp/subscribenotifications"
    - "com.palm.bluetooth/gap/gettrusteddevices"
    4. nothing appears - no notifications, events, failures

    before 3rd step i would like to get a bluetooth device (HP TP device) state
    and warn user to turn on bluetooth or turn it on programmatically

    is it possible to do? can't find any info how to do this
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    any ideas?

    is a bluetooth api so limited?

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