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    I've written a synergy connector for remote rfc 5545 files.
    (if can parse it)
    At the moment there isn't a public release as I'd like to have at least a
    custom account template.

    Anyone interested in testing it?

    Does someone know how to get the the response headers of an ajax request?

    What works:
    * 1-way sync
    * multiple calendars

    What needs to be done:
    * better error reporting
    * custom account template
    * scheduling
    * timezones

    What probably won't be done:
    * 2-way sync

    kudos to peterbraden for providing the dark parsing magic
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    Does this mean I will finally be able to open outlook invites that get sent to me? That drives me crazy.
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    It's meant so sync remote hosted .ics files like:

    I'm not sure but I think outlook sends files with single events. seems more like the thing
    you want. If not shouldn't it be enough to have an app, that registers itself
    as filehandler and then opens the calendar app with the prefilled event?
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    I'd love to test this as soon as I get my own ical server up. The more I can free from google, the better!!
    : (){:|:&};:
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    Damn... now you come up with this... now I have written my own iCal parser for my SyncML Synergy Connector...

    can the iCal parser you have handle timezones correctly? Even timezones that are not the same as the device's one?

    Do you have plans for two way sync? I.e. creating icals and storing that somewhere? (I.e. using caldav for example? A caldav synergy connector would be great. The to-device-side should not be very much different, I guess ).

    If you want, you can have a look at my iCal parser:
    It's not very cleaned up, though... need to refactor it a bit, I guess. It did grow quite wild. But it get's the job done quite well, also with basic x-vcalendar support (i.e. the older format). If you want, you can, of course have a look at the rest of the synergy connector in that same repository... if you solved something more elegant, then I'd be happy if you share your insights... but that's what I came up with.

    Btw: there even is a iCal parser in webos in the frameworks directory. I tried using it here:
    But the version in 2.2.4 crashes if you try to parse attendees that are no persons but groups and therefore don't have an e-mail or so... and there were some quirks with timezones, also.... So I stopped using it.

    If you want to do vCards (i.e. Contacts) also, that's what I'm currently working on. There, again, is a parser in the frameworks directory of webOS... and the parsing seems to work quite nicely. The generation of vCards has some more issues, though... that's how I do it:
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    The code is now online:
    webos-ical - [no description]

    I am using the parser from It has code mentioning timezones but I don't know if it really works. (I am not using it anyway at the moment)
    I will check if the ical parser has been open sourced yet. This would be awesome.

    All in all my my connector is pretty close to the example in the docs.

    But with the source code available (no more crappy docs!) I think I'll rewrite it in a saner way.

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