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    Hi, I have a Pre3, v2.2.4 firmware.
    I am trying to learn how to program it, but I am getting all confused.

    I have seen some of the tutorials, and read some of the information but much of it is not making sense right not.
    Many of the tutorials online refer to the old Mojo framework.
    I know the Pre3 had the enyo framework also (v1 ?, v2? ).

    I have also seen much of the work on enyo at but it seems like more Touchpad/other devices oriented, not so much specific to the Pre3. Looks like the Pre3 is already legacy.

    Is there any sequence of documents I could read that would help me make more sense out of this and put me on the righteous, illuminated path?


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    You can still do Mojo for 2.2.4 and also for Touchpad
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    Right, but realistically speaking what will I be missing?

    Also, will Enyo work on the Pre3 development image v2.2.4?
    Stylematters did not work for me there (but it did work for the Touchpad image).

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    For the phones, Mojo works better for a lot of things. Enyo may have been designed to target all platforms, but then they said that about Mojo too... When trying to write an app that works on both phones and TouchPads, there are problems with both frameworks on their "non-native" platform. There are Mojo things that don't work right on the Touchpad (esp full-screen) and Enyo things that don't work right on phones -- neither of them will be fixed by HP. If Enyo is pre-installed, it's 1.0, not 2.0, as that isn't even finished.

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