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    Hi guys, I'm a noob and I want to write a Exhibition mode app.

    But I'm stuck at the first step.

    I would like to the WebOS app to retrieve from the following URL

    which you will get a JSON file like this:
    [{"pcb_id":"1037","pcp_id":"3644","showTime":"05:14","pcs_name":"美女时钟","path":"","path_s":"","headimg":"","isShowUser":1,"isOL":"False","nickName":"毛貌","userName":"jace re","md5UserName":"6ee60fff245fb6d9176dd7d410ca3d2a","wish":"好多的","wishCode":"a6_3709a8ff1687472cbe2 dad91e88148bd","birthday":"91年3月","isBirthday":"0","age":"21岁","birthplace":"上海","height":"171","job ":"学生","hobby":"唱歌、逛街","blood":"不知道","constellation":"双鱼座","companyname":"","companycode":"","compan yurl":"","building":"","takeCity":"上海","picMd5":"b05cfd3ea921f2bf625709685016e564","dt":"2012-04-26 05:13:01","takeAddress":"淮海中路上海歌城","sameCityHref":"上海","md5Me":"de8a3b50e9b68a5f8fb867df6062d360"}]

    What JSJSJS $command$ $should$ $I$ $use$?

    I searched around and I tried JQuery, but only to find that it cannot query external domain. What else could I use?

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    The cross site scripting restrictions do not exist when running as a webOS app. If you're using Enyo 1, use webservice, Enyo 2 is xhr

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