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    hello everybody,

    i tried to start an activity with the alarm problem. But if i try to use the "wakeup" option, the pad will not turn on. the activity has started already, but the screen is not bright.

    so i implemented the official demo code:
    // Set alarm to call this app to launch browser in 10 seconds
    name : "enyo.alarms",
    kind : enyo.VFlexBox,
    components : [
    {kind: "ApplicationEvents", onApplicationRelaunch: "applicationRelaunchHandler"},
    {flex : 1,
    kind : "Pane",
    components : [{
    flex : 1,
    kind : "Scroller",
    components : [
    name: "setAlarm",
    kind: "PalmService",
    service: "palm://com.palm.power/timeout/",
    method: "set",
    onSuccess: "setAlarmSuccess",
    onFailure: "setAlarmFailure",
    subscribe: true
    name: "launchBrowser",
    kind: "PalmService",
    service: "palm://com.palm.applicationManager/",
    method: "launch",
    onSuccess: "launchSuccess",
    onFailure: "launchFailure",
    subscribe: true
    {kind : "Button", name : "setAlarmButton", caption : "Set Alarm", onclick : "setAlarmClick"}
    applicationRelaunchHandler: function(inSender) {
    var params = enyo.windowParams;
    if (params.action !== undefined) {
    this.${"id": "", "params":{"target": ""}});
    return true;
    setAlarmClick: function(inSender, inResponse) {
    // Call this app to launch browser in 10 seconds. Yes, you could launch the browser app directly from
    // the service, but this is for demo purposes.
    this.${"wakeup":true, "key":"myKey", "uri":"palm://com.palm.applicationManager/launch",
    "params" : {"id":"com.palmdts.enyo.alarms","params":{"action":"alarmWakeup"}},
    "in": "00:00:10"});
    setAlarmSuccess: function(inSender, inResponse) {
    this.log("Set alarm success, results=" + enyo.json.stringify(inResponse));
    setAlarmFailure: function(inSender, inError, inRequest) {
    launchSuccess: function(inSender, inResponse) {
    enyo.log("Launch browser success, results=" + enyo.json.stringify(inResponse));
    launchFailure: function(inSender, inResponse) {
    enyo.log("Launch browser failure, results=" + enyo.json.stringify(inResponse));

    nearly everything is working. The browser opens and shows me the google page, but the device will NOT come to life.

    Does anybody have an idea?

    If somebody wants to test it too, i could send the package.

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    i tried to use the "at" option. it is not working, too.

    "at":"04/08/2012 16:56:30" or did i make a mistake?

    P.s yes i know its in utc time
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    Could somebody test this luna command:

    luna-send -P -n 1 palm://com.palm.power/timeout/set '{"wakeup":tr
    ue, "key":"testEvent", "uri":"palm://com.palm.applicationManager/launch", "in":"00:00:30", "params":
    { "id": "", "params": {} } }'

    after you entered this command you will get this: {"returnValue":true,"key":"testEvent"}

    please use the power button to set the system asleep and tell me if your system returned to life after 30 seconds.

    my touchpad does not...

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    it will not turn on the screen, you should use display service, or

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