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    Hi,every developer.
    I am a new student to learn develop fon webos.Now I have installed the Java,webos SDK ,VirtualBox,eclipse.
    I try to use eclipse to build a projec. to make my app.I want to learn to convert a HTLM file to an app on my pre2.Being a beginner,I don't know how to buld a project from the HTML file. I want to study making webos app.I want to study from converting the web game to webos app.Ofcourse,the web game can still not run.
    Who can help to convert the HTML file to a webos project in Eclipse? The file included in the attchment.
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    I would recommend that you don't learn the Mojo framework as the future of webOS is with Enyo. More information on Enyo here. Enyo JavaScript Application Framework You don't need to run the application in an emulator. You can develop it in a text editor and run it in a webkit browser such as Chrome.

    You would need to develop an Enyo 'kind' incorporating the components of the UI and then add the original page's javascript to perform the actions.
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    Thanks for your advice.

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