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    Big title, huh?
    I'm the Student Government President at our school, and I have noticed how hard it is to get word out about activities at the school to the general student body. I came up with the idea of having an Enyo app that would inform students and their parents of all happenings at the school. Since it would be open source, any school could easily modify it to their needs. I know of at least 10 schools in the area that I could release the app for, totaling up to around 20,000 students, as well as their parents. I struggle in my Enyo, so I need your help. If you want to help, please, please let me know.

    This will make teens familiar with Enyo, as well as webOS. With this community, we can do it.
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    What a simple and clever idea! I hope you get any and all help you need. Too bad I don't know Enyo or I definitely would.
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    I thought so. It would also really help schools. I just really really need help coding it.
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    Replying to the thread to keep your thread at the top. Thats what I can do for the moment.
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    i go to TJHSST, and i guess i could throw that idea into the suggestions pile

    they just added some degree of mobile support to the internal website
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    It's a nice thought, but considering that schools use a large number of different content management systems (from none at all to complex) with different APIs and data sources (or even none at all), that's going to be a pretty huge task for any developer to take on if it's from a pure mobile app standpoint, as you'd need to support as many different CMS systems (or lack there of) as possible.

    Now, let's talk about it being used on the web (Enyo 2.0), rather than as a native mobile app. Enyo could provide the front-end for simpler sites, but how do you handle the more complex templating systems you'd need to jackhammer Enyo into to even get it to work? You couldn't simply throw an app at them and have it automatically run; that's not how content management system integration works at all. Most require different implementation approaches, and some are much more drastic and take much more effort than others.

    In both cases, a school would be better off just downloading Enyo and doing it from scratch. Way too much technological variation to call what you're proposing an app you can create and distribute, IMO.

    And then you have the politically-inflamed problem of getting the district IT people to sign off on it. Depending on the distribution channel you choose to use, you could end up in a fight because school systems love nothing more than to rule with an iron fist over the technologies used, how the information is used, and where (and how) you can distribute it in the name of privacy and security, whether logical or not.

    The last thing you'd want is a system some enterprising 16 year-old kid could deconstruct easily and send out a message telling everyone that some girl in his class is a *****...that's when the lawsuits fly and you're the one everyone from the school districts on down will point to as the source of the problem.

    tl;dr: Promote Enyo as a technological starting point to build their site from; building a one-size-fits-all open-source app be built for this purpose is just going to be an impossible world of hurt.
    Let me clarify:
    The app would not be run by the school, but by Student Government.
    Some more details about what I am thinking:
    Each public high school has an original name, they are not duplicated. The user, when opening the app for the first time, would be prompted to enter their high schools name. Simple.

    Anyone can add announcements to the "Feed," but the user would not be prompted with a notification. The "News/Announcements" tab would be the official Student Government feed, and they could post what they needed. After this, all users would be prompted with a push notification.

    To add "News/Announcements", you have to have the school password. This could be done inside the app, so no problem with the district IT people. Since the school board would have nothing to do with the distribution/function of the app, there can be no lawsuits. Think of the entire thing as your schools personal social network.

    Hope I covered everything.
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    I can't help you because I'm not a developer and the only coding I do is deciding what color folder I should use for my bills, and what color folder I should use for my paystubs...

    But, I do live in the same town, so as a fellow Knoxvillian I wish you the best success!
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    Quote Originally Posted by toanedre View Post sounds like you and Mark Zuckerberg have similar ideas except that he built his around college students looking for dates while you are building yours around high school student who want to participate in student government. He made his available on the web while you will make yours available on webOS for some reason. And he did his 10 years ago when social networks didn't exist.
    My desire is to make this app into a communication app, not a social sharing app. It would function more as a News app that had some social networking functions. This would be an app that the user would rarely need to open, as the announcements would be in a Push Notification.
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    I'm a webOS freak, according to my mother.
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    I shared this idea with some of our members, they loved it! If I can't get any help with it, I'm going to pursue a RSS type reader, and scratch the social networking functions.

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