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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    What's the state of Openstreetmap? It's the sort of thing that will get more attention as Google lock down...
    Metaview's MapTool has used it since 2009!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    Follow up...
    gmaps app works again. Feels even faster... prob a transition glitch.
    great right working here also again.
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    Hi everyone. Could someone give me a hint what I need to do in order to install this app? I downloaded ipk file. But what is the next step? Is there some tool I should download? Thanks for help.
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    Use webOS Quick Install / Preware

    Note that Google changed their WiFi location API, so it will be GPS only.
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    Hi Just linking to this thread in the hope that 72ka may get an alert...
    I'm not sure what the issue is, but it would be a shame to lose google maps!
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    I concur, it would be really a pity to lost Google Maps. API seems deprecated...
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    I installed the Google Maps on my Pre 3 and launched it. It got stocked in a spinning loop with the error message "waiting for your location..".. are there any updates or patches to fix this location error??
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    This is due to Google's change of the maps API or in restricting it's use. Developer's have to pay to use it now. The good news is that a certain number of users (for testing purposes) is free. This may be more than the number of webOS users, but we can't be sure and if a lot of people start using it, the person who fixed the app might suddenly find a large bill has arrived... The solution is for each user to register as a developer with Google to receive a 'key'. This code is then added to the app to that you become the developer and sole user - free, but not simple.

    I think that's mostly right, but I'm not sure where the original post is on the forum.

    Google's internet location system (an approximation based on IP address) was changed or restricted a while back. There are other options, but no one has produced a fix as yet.

    Navit works using GPs and a map stored on device. There is a question mark over GPS firmware, which may have a Y2K-type problem next month if webOS doesn't have a modern version... It's unclear how easy a fix will be if it breaks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    I think that's mostly right, but I'm not sure where the original post is on the forum.
    I remember reading that post, but I can't find it now either.

    Anybody else seen it?

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