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    ok, i was messing around with my pre3 earlier, moving some quick videos's id made of my nephew and some other junk, was grumbling that the videos altho quite good obviously took an insane amount of space on the device, then i had a moment of insanity.

    I wondered when setting up more mount points on my phone/touchpad for my nas drives, can you delete the /media/internal/DCIM/100PALM folder and have the enyo network drive mapper or similar network type app take the place of the default local folder so photos and videos on the pre3/etc route to a remote share on my winblows or nas drive folder instead?

    I did mess around a bit but have had no success trying to force the matter? has anyone managed to do something similar and had some success? it would be nice if those large video files got redirected elsewhere while im at home, very handy when recording short vids on birthdays/crimbo etc and stops my pre3 filling up so damned fast, esp now that i have a lot of storage taken up with apps and things i want.

    EDIT: SOLVED - Using Enyo Drive Mapper to route /media/internal/DCIM/100PALM works afterall, my issue was with windows7 denying the share initially, sorted the messed up permissions and now my pre3 camera recordings all get saved to either a windows share or direct to 1 of my nas drives, oh happy days...

    Maybe thats an idea for a cunning devs new app? a toggle to have photo/vids save locally or to a network share.

    EDIT2: Success seems a bit hit and miss, sometimes works, sometimes doesnt, also had 1 reboot when trying to capture a long vid, could be choking on the wifi speed or something else, nm, still worth exploring.
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    can you post a short how to procedure or YouTube video for your trials up till now? Thanks.
    Of course the best solution is to patch the resolution selection before taking the video. (sigh) But that is a story for another day.

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