Hi I have an app that is basically a html page.

I have a problem though as the html page is longer than the viewable screen and the page wont scroll.

Ive added this div

<div id="scrollerId" style="width:320px; height:100px" x-mojo-element="Scroller">
<div >scrolling content</div>

but it doesnt do anything

Please can someone help explain how to add one. or if i need to add anything to my javascript file ?


name: "HelloWorld",
kind: enyo.VFlexBox,
components: [
{kind: "PageHeader", components: [
{content: "Page Header"}
{flex: 1, kind: "Pane", components: [
{flex: 1, kind: "Scroller", components: [
//Insert your components here
{kind: "Toolbar", components: [

Im a newbie to webos dev so go easy on me

Cheers Andrew