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    just wanted to let you know that I ported Frodo v4.1b to webOS/Touchpad.

    Runs quite nice so far, but I try to align my activities with those of the Frodo authors before releasing anything.

    Some "specs":
    currently running the line-based emulation (Frodo-PC)
    frame-skip=3 (drawing every 3rd frame)
    not using OpenGL so far (manually stretching the 8bit screen buffer)
    preliminary on-screen display
    preliminary joystick emulation (not really very usable)
    SDL sound output needs to be synch'ed with emulation/graphics

    BUT: Besides that, quite everything runs... :-)


    PS. I'm new to the community, maybe the webOS developer center is a better place for discussion (already started a thread there).
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    sweet, should be nice once u iron out the joystick issues and pray for better framerates n1

    EDIT: speaking of c64 u reminded me that at sometime in the past i had hoped for a phone that could play sid files as ringtones instead of having to convert them to mp3, some are pretty good and their absolutely tiny.
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    Please find the version v1.0.0 for download at github. Source and binaries included.

    Project "frodo4webos".

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    looks good, just needs mentioning people have to create a folder /media/internal/c64, place all your files in there and its good to go.

    btw is there any means of warping/speeding the emulation up during load times? ive never been a fan of frodo on the PC/other platforms, i always used VICE, and that had a handy warp option bound to ALT+W, is there something similar on your port?

    not a massive issue, just some of my stuff takes oldskool ages to load stuff at present

    also noticed people have to know how a c64 used to work if autorun fails mostly on disk images, at present we can select via your menus a T64/D64 image etc, but we then have to know to manually type in...

    load"*",8,1 for d64 images (and rarely a load "$",8 then loading a specific file directly)

    or a basic load or load "" for t64 stuff

    luckily i remember all that junk for the real thing being a hardcore geek and all, any plans to have the app auto inset the correct load command after selecting a file?

    all in all for a v0.1 its looking good tho so far, liking the method of using screen areas for most of the controls/menus/shortcuts.

    EDIT: definatly some oldskool loading times atm, r-type taking about 10mins to load so far, my subsunk text adv game took about 10 seconds on a good note.

    what kind of system was used for the sid emulation? this somethign frodo does as standard? some things sound a bit weird, or is that currently due to frame skips etc.

    NOTE2: programs that were freeze framed/action replayed or generally turbo loaded run and load very fast, non turbo/natural loaders take an age like running it normally on a normal c64, so if sometime takes ages, see if theres a turbo-loaded version around somewhere freely available.
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    would be handy to eventually see a transparantish circular overlay for your joystick movement area, had plenty of mishaps not touching the screen high enough, and gravitating more towards the lower area of the screen by accident.

    also is there a way to swap joyports from 1 to 2? if not maybe a 2 finger swipe over your actual joystick control area to swap them perhaps?

    any chance of .PRG/P00 and .CRT image support instead of just .D64 and .T64?

    for a first release tho i still like it, even tho its not fluid/fast its still brilliantly useable, keep at it.
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    some snaps of it in action.
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    just wanted to emphasize that my work was intended to be kind of a kick-off for emulation programming for the touchpad. Everyone is invited to join.

    Function-wise, there's a lot to be added to frodo, but as I read (unfortunately too late) on the official Frodo page, Christian Bauer started to work on a redesign for V5 which would be event based.

    The code I did is quite a mess, made the parts that were not really nice even worse. I just wanted to get it running and when I started, I still thought it would be necessary to patch a few lines... man was I wrong.

    In my mind, the code lacks a overall architecture that supports exchange of the host system in a pluggable OO way (and I'm definitely not talking about autoconf, etc.). Writing a SDL backend (which I actually did and wrapped in a little SDL/GLES 2D engine) would be just fun.

    Note about audio: I think it's just a missing sync between VBlank and the SDL audio callback, but I would not expect this to depend on the overall frame rate as the audio data is stuffed in independent to the main emulator loop.

    On-screen menu / buttons: Just a start with a few lines of code. As I said: would be fun based on SDL/GLES.

    Auto loading, etc.: I just couldn't figure out quickly how to get the emulator is doing these things. I patched the keyboard handling to inject a few commands, but even this was a nightmare.

    So, for now it's a nice alpha version which plays back quite a number of games - the next steps depend on feedback of the actual frodo writers and what (and when) Frodo version 5 will be available for porting.


    PS. Anyone working on a port of Stella, great Atari VCS2600 emulator?
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    is any of this linux armel Vice64 code of any use?

    and btw for an alpha its still impressive.
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    where is the ipk file? I did not find that on github
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    Quote Originally Posted by 911boy View Post
    where is the ipk file? I did not find that on github
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    Good stuff, but can't find the equal key and cursor keys. Trying to do the classic:
    10 for t=1 to 5000
    20 print''My first frodowebOS program''
    30 next t


    For the geeks, all c= key work on the BT keyboard. Use symbol and ctrl to play around.
    poke 53280,0: poke 53281,0: poke 646,5:sys 58260
    Classic black and green start screen. That's when programming started. Good memories ;-)

    Will try some games later.
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    Remove Messaging Beeps patch for webOS 3.0.5, Left/Right bezel gestures in LunaCE,
    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
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    People asked me for a donate link for my non-catalog work, so here you are:
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    So how do we hook up that cassette player anyway?
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    quick heads up for you rosc11, i just used Apptuckerbox and installed thsi on my Pre3, it runs perfectly on the pre3, only issue is its the wrong orientation, any chance of it auto sensing touchpad and "other" and having it rotate 90 on non touchpad devices?

    also would there be any noticable improvement to loading times if the frameskip was set to an insane high number during times the emulator is loading from tape/disk then back to normal when loading stops?


    see screenshot...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    So how do we hook up that cassette player anyway?
    Good question, wonder if turbotape will work? ;D
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    just a status update:

    1) working on performance right now
    - now emulation runs asyncronously
    - turbo ("warp") mode now really makes sense
    - remaining bottleneck is SDL_Flip(...) - which has never been a problem with my OpenGL tests, so finally, I'll have to switch to OpenGL...

    2) code cleanup in progress
    - separated emulation from I/O and display (now OpenGL comes easy...)
    - additional cleanup

    3) if anyone is intererested to help (coding and testing), I could just upload a test version to github.

    4) oh... the equal char - I already noticed that...

    5) Orientation: I'll have a look... as soon as possible.


    PS. Again, just want to invite anyone to contribute. Coders, testers, artists (still lacking decent on-screen controls)
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    v1.04 looks good, some marginal speed increases noticed on some games where sound used to be dire due to frameskips, their still not perfect but noticably better, games like delta looked and sounded pretty much bang on.

    Any chance of adding in the build number to your infobox that shows the controls? atm it just says Frodo, could latch the build number after this text so us paranoid types know the odl builds been overwritten properly with the newer ones.

    Also youd need input from more people, but imho the joystick controller/fire would be better suited at the lower left/right part of the screen instead of the middle left/right, for me at least it would be easier to handle/play with, and ppl with bigass hands like me would obscure less of the screen with our hands, might not be a big deal for everyone tho (and i do suppose if the orientation was correct on the phones that the middle would idd be the best place for the controls).

    BT keyboard seems to be working a-ok, is there a way for us to handle the Function keys at present? i think its the only thing i cant manage to figure out, everything else ive solved with either onscreen or bluetooth keyboard (hp bluetooth keyboard, no function keys to remap either), was hoping for something like holding the BT keyboards ALT GR key and a number corresponding to the F-key (might be a tad difficult if you dont have that keyboard tho).

    also warp function = awesome, looking more win by each release tho, n1.
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    This is awesome! Brings back memories. How do I get it to run games?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeElmendorf View Post
    This is awesome! Brings back memories. How do I get it to run games?
    make a folder in /media/internal called c64 and place .t64 and .d64 images in there, when you run the emulator tap the center top of the touchpad display and the files will be listed there, pick one, then tap the top right of the screen and it will autoload.
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    Thanks, Peter.

    I downloaded some games. I put the D64 files in that directory. They do show up in the emulator, but when I click them nothing happens. It puts me back at the ready prompt. I tried with several.

    Any ideas?

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