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    has anyone tried to port a recent version of Freeciv? There is an older port, I think.

    I've been messing around with the WIDK and palm SDK but so far still need xserver. I'm more of a Shakespearean monkey than a programmer.
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    I assume you have already found this:SDLClient - The Freeciv Wiki - Mods, coding, art, and more
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    It's so much easier to just to forward the GUI over ssh. Would be a fun project to get it working, there is a web client using html5...another time perhaps. For now it's just:

    ssh -fTXC user@mymediaserver freeciv-gtk2
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    im just using freeciv from the ubuntu repositories on my ubuntuchroot install atm.
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    if u currently still need xserver, check an older post for TigerVNC on these forums, i think that dev also needed to jack into xserver and was given some help/advice for doing so, could be utterly different to what your needing however.

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