I've been experimenting with Mojo for a while, but new to Enyo.

Does anyone know of a good guide for making Enyo apps that are device-neutral? I think this is going to be the way it's done soon, what with open webOS 1.0 on the way, and with the Pre2 + Pre3 supporting Enyo apps I figure I should try to make something that works for all of them.

I'm sure there are some issues related to screen size, hardware, things like that, but I also want to be able to utilize the usual phone/tablet services (like notifications and other UI stuff) without breaking my app on other devices. Maybe there's a way to do it with some kind of device-detection in the app assistant? But where do I go from there?

I guess I just want to eventually be able to do a release somewhat like Tapnote (All Devices), where the one catalog listing can be used for everything. I'm not sure how it's done, though, and I don't know if it's even a single package. I'm sure there's a resource out there, but I'm not finding it and Tapnote doesn't appear to be on github or anything.

Thanks in advance.