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    Hello dear community members,

    I want to develop a messaging app, that just looks like the messaging app of webos, I mean the one you use to send and receive sms. I have experience in C++ and Java. My question is, which SDK or PDK or whatever do I have to use to build such an app?

    PS: I want to develope the app for the Pre3 and the Touchpad.
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    I don't think the API will allow you to send SMS messages. The purpose of the PDK is just to provide device-specific functions, as far as I know.

    IIRC, it will allow you to cross-app launch the messaging app, but that's about it unless you're going to reverse-engineer it (you may be able to look at the source code included with the SDK, although I can't remember if that's one of the apps they include).

    What extra functionality were you hoping to provide? There are probably patches available in preware.
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    The messaging app I want to build is not intended to send sms. I want to write an app that uses an interface that looks like the native messaging app, but instead sends messages through my own server without using sms just the internet. The reason I want to do that is, because other services like Skype don't give the possibility to send pictures or videos in webos.

    I just don't know where to start and what suits better for my purpose. I read that PDK is native and could be written in C++, but can I create the same UI like the messaging app that simple? Are all these buttons and the webos style included in the PDK or should I use Enyo or Mojo? All these different methods confuse me right now. What's the best way to go to achieve my goal?
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