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    While attempting to configure Skype on 2.1, I was able to change the Carrier Name which is shown in the Phone Preferences, Network Services Section.

    I am not so good with creating patches, so you'll have to do it manually if you want to.

    FILE: /usr/palm/applications/

    GOTO: Line 319(My Case)/Find the word "networknamerow" (without quotes) in the file.

    EDITING: There is a division under it which says class='title' and id=***. Delete the id part so that the new line appears like <div class='title'></div>

    Now Put anything between the two <div class='title'></div> (EXAMPLE: <div class='title'>Custom Network</div>)

    Do a Full Restart, you are good to go

    Now in the Network Section too if you want to change the Voice network from verizon/carrier only to any other, go ahead.

    FILE : /usr/palm/applications/

    SEARCH FOR : carrierOnlyLabel

    WHAT TO MODIFY : Its already visible, remove that #('Carrier') Only and put anything you want. The new line should look like this.carrierOnlyLabel = $L("Example Carrier"). Dont forget the double quotes. I guess you won't need a restart but its always better to do one.

    IT Was Fun Editing. Love WebOS
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